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Let’s see here.  How would I describe myself? What could I tell you that would be of interest?

I could tell you about my family:  strong, magnificent husband and the three most unbelievable children on earth.  

I could tell you about my residence:  17 moves so far (13 in four years); currently in Atlanta; best fit (and love of my life) in Destin, FL.

I could tell you about my history: tumultuous from the start.  Child of the most amiable parental split you’ve ever heard of, but riddled with the “legacy of divorce”.

I could tell you about my occupation:  nurse, chef, housekeeper, minor repairman, landscaper, teacher, corporate organizer, executive director, accountant, detective, special ops manager, laundress, Sunday school teacher, peacemaker.  So, yeah… a mommy. =)

But I think I should tell you about who I AM:  a distinctly screwed up child of God who revels in His unfailing love and wonders endlessly about her sinfulness.  It is from this point that I write.

Thank you for reading today. =)

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