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Well, I am happy to report that we have a budding author here in our household.  My sweet bambinos had a day off of school today, and Little Man decided to write a story.  He used up his whole day off composing what you will see below.

(Please note:  He worked very hard on this. 😉 )

Puppy and Blanky the Heroes

by Joshua Wuerffel


Once upon a time, there were two fellows named Puppy and his twin Blanky.They were twins and BFFs (best friends forever).They go on lots of adventures,hikes, and quests.One day there village was in danger!(there also heroes and knights) They had to go on a journey to save their fellow friends.They packed up their weapons,armour,food,and their horses. They were on there way when suddenly a herd of bears came!They had to think fast! Blanky got his mace at hand. The bears ran straight  at them! But the bears ran right past them Blanky put the  mace on his back. Puppy put down his shield and sword on the ground and stared at the place where the bears came from. Blanky looked at Puppy and said ‘‘Puppy?’’ Puppy didn’t respond. He just kept staring at the place where the bears came from. Then he muttered “must….” “what?” Blanky asked. Puppy’s eyes turned back to normal(his eyes turned green by the way). Puppy said “what…what happened?” Blanky said “i don’t know” “i think you got hypnotized” “LOL” Puppy said “my head hurts” Puppy got up and got his shield and sword off the ground. Blanky got his bow very quickly and aimed the the arrow at the woods (that’s where the bears came from and were Puppy stared at). Then he put it down and said “i just saw a guy with yellowish and greenish eyes”. Then they voted on if they go in the woods or not. Puppy won. He voted on not going in the woods until tomorrow. Then they went to bed. Puppy woke up to see that Blanky wasn’t in his bed. During the night he rolled on top of Puppy’s bed. Puppy smacked Blanky in the face Blanky quickly woke up and got his bow and pulled out a arrow and pulled it back and quickly looked around and let out a big “phew!” Puppy said “time to go in the deep dark woods”. They had breakfast and grabbed all their gear. Then they left. The first step Puppy took in the deep dark woods he stepped in poison ivy. There was poison ivy EVERYWHERE. Then after all the poison ivy they found a tree. Not only was it a tree it was a huge tree. They went around it Blanky was first. Then he turned around and saw that Puppy wasn’t there behind him. Blanky walked back to the front but on his way he stepped on a pressure plate and he fell into a very very very dark tunnel then he saw light through the tunnel he went to it. It was Puppy!! but he was fighting a thousand zombies!! but he had a gimongous sword and shield. Blanky grabbed his mace in the right hand and his bow in his left hand. He did a three sixty backflip in the air and cut one of the zombies head off. Puppy through his torch at a group of zombies and set twelve on fire. Then Blanky said “nice only nine hundred eighty seven to go LOL” Then the greenish yellowish eyes appeared in the dark again and looked at the two warriors and then all the zombies died then the eyes vanished again. Then Puppy grabbed his torch and ran after the yellowish greenish eyes guy they ran and ran and ran and ran and ran until Blanky saw stairs. They went up the stairs. Then they were out of the deep dark woods. They couldn’t even see where they  went to bed well that’s because it was night time. They turned around ready to go back in the tunnel when they turned around to a surprise the tunnel was not there! it was gone they went down the mountain the greenish yellowish eyed guy was not there. Then they saw a village they went to the village it was not the village were they lived it was a different village. They talked to the villagers. They met a very brave warrior they talked to him about all the weird stuff they’ve been through. He asked them if he could join them Blanky said “please what’s your name?” he said “my name is Slush” Blanky asked Slush if he had seen the yellowish greenish eyed guy he said “yes he turned off all the power all i saw of him was his eyes just a couple minutes ago” Blanky said “that guy’s been scaring us like CRAZY” Blanky said “get your armour and your weapons and your horse. After a while he came back with his armour and a bb gun and a sledge hammer on his horse. Then all the three heros got on there horses. Then Slush told them were the yellowish greenish eyed guy went. Then after alot of bottom hurting they made it to a forest. Then they heard a loud BOOM and everything went black then they saw greenish yellowish guy in the air with thousands of skeletons below him. Then a huge zap!! hit the skeletons from greenish yellowish eyed guy. Then they skeletons eyes turned red and looked at the three heroes. Right then Slush jumped into action he pulled out his sledge hammer and jumped high in the air put the sledge hammer above him and SLAMMED his sledge hammer with all his might and made an earthquake and all the skeletons fell into lava below the earth. Then greenish yellowish eyed guy disappeared. Then Blanky shouted “NO your not gonna disappear again!!!!” he jumped in the air as high as he could and got his bow and arrow and grabbed the STRONGEST ARROW IN HISTORY and pulled back and shot the arrow flew through the arrow at infinity miles per hour and blew up the WHOLE FOREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Puppy and Slush were fine. We looked and looked but could not find the yellowish greenish eyed guy. Blanky said “you guys seen anything?” they both shook their heads and both said “no” then they got on there horses and rode away from the forest and into the desert. Then they saw something on fire. It was a village there was a portal of some kind. Then they say a warrior in silver armour and had an energy blaster and a power sword fight zombie pigman. They rushed in to help the villagers and the warrior Slush broke the portal. Blanky started demolishing the zombie pigman like mad. Puppy helped all the villagers get out of the village once again the yellowish greenish eyed guy was flying in the air he stared at Slush. Slush looked scared then the other warrior jumped in the air with his power sword and actually HIT the greenish yellowish eyed guy!!! he went flying and hit the ground. Then the warrior jumped and stabbed the ground right as the greenish yellowish eyed guy disappeared the yellowish greenish eyed guy was right behind Slush but Slush didn’t know. The yellowish greenish eyed guy’s fist started flashing then went zooming at Slush’s face Slush didn’t make it in time he got punched really hard in the face. Slush went flying and the warrior with the power sword swung really hard at the greenish yellowish eyed guy nobody else saw because the all went over to Slush to see if he was okay. The power sword swung and missed because the greenish yellowish eyed guy disappeared. Then the warrior turned around and walked up to Puppy and Blanky and said “is he alright?” Puppy said “i don’t know” then Puppy and Blanky looked at him and said “who are you?” he said “i am the one and only Ivan” Blanky said “i like your power sword and your energy blaster” Ivan said “TY!” then they checked on Slush he had a black eye and a huge bruise on his face then Blanky said “hey ,Ivan want to join with us on our adventure?” Ivan said “sure” then blanky said “do you know anything about that guy with greenish yellowish eyes?” he said “yes i know one thing he likes to haunt people” then they got on there horses and grabbed Slush pulled him on Ivan’s horse and the rebuilt the portal and went through it. They were in a castle a haunted castle then they say the greenish yellowish eyed guy! Blanky said “yyyeeeess!! a castle a great place for archery Ivan get your energy blaster and shoot and shoot and shoot” Ivan got his energy blaster and Blanky got his bow and they both shot and shot and shot and shot until finally Ivan shot the greenish yellowish eyed guy. He hit the ground Ivan said “THIS IS DESTINY!!!” and he jumped off the castle and got his power sword and it turned purple and he swung with all his might and made the whole earth rumble and through his sword just in time he KILLED THE GREENISH YELLOWISH EYED GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! right before he could disappear!! then Slush jumped right up!  we all screamed “YEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!” and after that we got back on our horses went through the portal and back into Ivan’s village we told him to tell his village and him to come to our celebration at our village and after a while he came back with all the other villagers and we all rode to Slush’s village he did the same thing and all the villagers got on horses and rode with us to our village. The party lasted three weeks. we were legends and heroes.

8 thoughts on “Guest Author!!

  1. HI BROTHER!!!!!! I like your story so much !!!!!!!!!!!! I like how your story was about heroes
    and warriors!!!!! I liked how Blanky and Puppy collected warriors on there adventure!!!!!
    I liked how Slush was this EPIC strong guy and when he hits his hammer on the ground
    it makes an Earth quake!!!!!!!!! I like how you made it so that one of the guys that Blanky
    and Puppy collected killed the yellow and greenish eyed guy!!!!!!! I like how you
    made zombiepig men on the bad side like in Minecraft!!!!!!!! I like how you hooked the
    reader fast!!!!!!!

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