Life Gets in the Way

WOW!  Hello forgotten keys.  Hello abandoned blog.  Hello 368 spam comments!

Life got in the way.

Isn’t it crazy how that happens?  You are moving along, whether slowly or frantically, going through your days one at a time, when all of a sudden, you realize it hasn’t been one day at a time.  It’s been days upon days, weeks upon weeks, months upon months (and sometimes years upon years) SINCE….

Since what?

-Since whatever it is that once was, now isn’t.

-Since you started that home repair project.

-Since you called your mom and dad.

-Since you wrote a blog entry (*cough, cough*).

-Since you exercised.

-Since you read your Bible.

-Since you got together with that friend for coffee.,

-Since you said thank-you to the barista who hands you your perfectly-brewed cup in the morning.

-Since you told your spouse how beautiful/handsome he/she looks today.

-Since you had that idea….

Our intentions always start off well (Ok, the intention stays positive, the action…not so much), but then…well, life gets in the way.

There are those interruptions that no one wants, the ones that God has picked out for our paths specifically to encourage us grow (is anyone else cringing at the thought?).  That particular batch of interruptions comes in the unwelcome category of “trial”, and can be addressed in a completely different blog post…or a series of posts.

But then there are the interruptions to our schedules which (thank You, Lord) are not trials in the form of trauma, accident, illness, or injury, but are trial by means of schedule destruction.  The parts of life that are “life” and get in the way of “living”:  soccer practice, playdates, mystery reader, carpool, parent/teacher conferences, grocery shopping (again!), cold-weather laundry (which packs a punch compared to summer wear), birthday parties, homework, recitals, doctors’ appointments, more soccer practice, and on and on we go.

And the next thing you know, life already happened, but you don’t remember living it.

If you are anything like me, you wake up one morning to find that, somehow, a week has passed you by.  Or someone asks you how your weekend was, and you cannot remember having one.

-“What did you do this weekend?”

The answer I dream of giving:  “Oh, I slept in, snuggled with the kids while I sipped my coffee, then we went on a family hike and had a picnic on Stone Mountain.  Movie night after.  Sunday?  Oh, just church, then lots of football to watch.  That’s it!  You?”

Reality:  “Well, I got up before the sun on Saturday to teach a class. Then, I ran to the grocery store because I realized I was snack leader for JT’s basketball game.  I ran home to get him changed, then dragged him and two whiny, complaining lumps of human to “cheer” him on at his game.  (He won, by the way. Yea!)  After that, I took them to get hair cuts, bribing them with promises to treats if they would just sit still.  Then, two of the three had birthday parties to go to, one of which was 40 minutes away.  So, I spent the next three hours driving from spot to spot.  When we got home, I started dinner while they showered, made my first cup of coffee for the day, then joined them at the table to listen to them complain about how horrible the food was I had just made.  As usual, I dumped it down the drain. Sunday, we had church, two more birthday parties, and the season’s first soccer mini-camps.  Tried to fix our plugged tub drain. Didn’t work. You?”

<pause to breathe….>

And then I wonder how time got away from me.

Thought much of what I have described deals with the time-sucking vacuum that is parenthood, the reality is, it doesn’t matter a lick whether you have kids or not.  Life still gets in the way.

Work projects. Social functions. The class you always wanted to take. Helping others. Commuting. Cleaning. Laundry.

No matter your current position in life, the schedule and/or activities we intend to pursue just don’t always happen. (I say as my puppy insists I pick him up RIGHT NOW!)  But then, here is the rub:  we…let me speak for myself…I need to be intentional about my intentions. I need to make time/space/effort for the things I INTEND to do because otherwise, the “intendees” will get bowled over by every day living.  And even the best of intentions doesn’t do anybody a lick of good if they  are left sitting on the shelf somewhere.

Don’t INTEND to meet your friend for coffee.  Actually pick up the phone (ok, text) and schedule something.  Make use of that life-sucking commute to call your parents.  Set your alarm for 30 minutes before your bedtime each night to remind yourself to slow your fanny down and read or pray for 30 minutes (if you can stay awake).  Hire someone to finish that house project you started but never completed.

JUST. DO. IT! (Sorry, Nike.)

I’m speaking to myself here.  I’m the queen of letting life take over and letting the intentions rot.

What about you?  How do you need to fulfill your intentions today?




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